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Taxonomy Help


Add taxonomy

A new taxon can be added by specifying the scientific name (Loxodonta), level (genus), status (valid, invalid or deprecated) and parent taxon (Elephantidae). The field “Name “ has autocompleting function, checking if a taxon exists in the Darwin database. 

On the right panel several external services are available for checking a taxon name: WoRMS, FishBase, IPNI,, CoL, Avibase. 

The button “Check taxonomy with GBIF, Worms” will open a taxon checker integrated in Darwin and allowing to check batch set of taxons.

Import taxonomy

This action is pre-requisite for the batch import of specimens. See also "How to import taxonomy"


  1. Search the taxon name
  2. Select the taxon as the root of  the desired hierarchy
  3. Click on the CSV button

DaRWIN will export the statistics of the taxon and also of the children taxa with the number of records and physical specimens as a CSV file.