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Labels Help

1. Export data from Darwin
  1. Do not use the export option available on the bottom of the Search form
  2. Save first your research in DarWIN
  3. Go to "My Preferences" menu
  4. Select "Saved Search"
  5. Click on "get reports" option for the saved search corresponding to your labels in order to get the full export of data for the selected specimens.
2. Open export file in Notepad/Notepad++
  1. Select all text, titles included (CTRL+A)
  2. Copy selected, text copy (CTRL+C)
3. Download the template worksheet
4. Copy data in “RAW-DARWIN” worksheet
  • Libre Office Calc Options has to be modified to allow macro to run (to do once)
    Go to macro security setting in Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Security
  • Select the medium option + OK + OK
  1. Goto in “RAW-DARWIN” worksheet
  2. Erase all content
  3. Select first cell (A1).
  4. Paste (CTRL+V)
Column titles have to be pasted too. Otherwise the program won’t work. You can copy data from different exports if needed.
When you are ready, you can choose which format you wish to create by clicking on the corresponding button below.
Each format is visible on the example worksheet with the corresponding name followed by “TEMPLATE”. These worksheets are protected from edition.
5. Create labels
Click on one of the buttons below, depending on the format. A new worksheet will be created, with your labels formated.
You can edit each label in this worksheet if needed (example: abbreviate too long names or comments, adapt font size, etc.)
Screen will update, let the program work until you see a message “Done!”