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Collection statistics help


  Collection statistics:


1. Select the collection or the sub-collection..

2. Select the possible options:

  • I.G.: select specimens in this collection or these collections with the specified Geberal inventory number.

  • Dates: Specify the period of the creation date.

  • Count subcollections: Specify of the subcollections have to be included in the statistics.

  • Display subcollections: cSpecify if the statistics of the subcollections have to be displyaed of just include in the main collection.

  • Collection manager: add principle curator of the collection. By clicking on “Add user” you can add so many people interacting with the collection as you want. Note that the users are inherited from the parent collection. The added user can have different roles per collection.

3. Click on search button
DaRWIN will export the statistics of thecollectionn and also of the subcollections with the number of records and physical specimens as a CSV file.