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3. What is the roadmap and schedule for future developments and new releases?

New collections :

BRAIN Proposal Bioheritage: Optimization of the DaRWIN CMS for the molecular samples with links to the institution LIMS and to the international molecular databases (e.g. Genbank) and associated tools.


New tools for the data validation :

BRAIN Proposal Agila: optimization of the DaRWIN CMS for the multilingual names and geo coordinates (semi-)automated validation.
Developpement of a semantic web approach.

  1. Georeferencing

  • Tools to add geo-coordinates based on the locality name with additional display on maps with separated code from original coordinates
  • Possibility to store polygons and line for georeferenced units
  • Module to georeferenced in manual way data with no coordinates by associating them to GeoNames and/or OpenStreetMap units (quality check)
  • SKOS endpoint (if BELSPO project accepted)
  • Other continuous developments and bug fixes added regularly to the softwar


  1. Multilingual aspects

  • The Darwin interface exists in English, Dutch and French.
  • The data are encoded in the different languages based on the label information. 
    The goal of these developments is to improve some aspects of the multilingual information like location and species names.


  1. MIDS reporting

  • The Darwin CMS will produce on demand MIDS reporting at the level of an institution / collection / subcollection or related to any search in the CMS.
    Update 03/2022 : Done for all reports.
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